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What is important to you in choosing a DJ? I ask this question many times every day and get all sorts of answers. The most common way people respond is, “well I’m not sure. I’ve never had to find one before!” That is a fair answer! How can I know what I’m looking for if this is something I’ve never done or don’t know much about?

Here are some things to consider in choosing a DJ. Pick the ones that stand out to you and make sure that whoever you choose for your DJ services is a good fit for you.

Personality: on a scale of 1-10, 1 being someone who is super laid back and plays the music you want and 10 being a lot of energy, talking on the mic and maybe even busting a few moves on the dance floor, what do you want in your DJ? There are no wrong answers here, everyone wants different things, and it’s important to communicate them to your DJ and make sure they are able to do that.

Music: think of music that makes you and your people happy. Any good DJ can play a variety of music. What is your variety? Do you want them to take requests from guests or do you just want your approved music? Are you pro or anti country? Rap? Top 40? R & B? You and your fiancé have opinions here and good DJs want to hear them.

Tone: music sets the tone. What is the tone of your wedding or event? Maybe you want a big family gathering with fire pits, laughter, and yummy drinks. Or you could be throwing the dance party of the year with the floor packed all night long. You may want a little of both at different points in the evening. Whatever tone you want, music is a big step in getting there.

Reliability: this is a big one with DJs. No matter what your opinions are in the previous categories, one common factor with every client I’ve spoken to is they want to choose someone that is reliable, that will do what they say they’re going to. Unfortunately, many of us have heard the nightmare stories of DJs canceling the week of, not showing up, being rude or unprofessional, the list goes on and on. Make sure you choose a DJ with a good track record. How long have they been in business? What happens if they wake up with the flu on the day of your wedding? What do their reviews say about their work?

I hope these ideas help you in thinking through what is important to you in a DJ. COMPLETE has fifteen DJs with a variety of personalities. As I read our DJ reviews I’m proud to say the common themes I see are fun, professional, and always ready to serve. Our DJs know that serving at your event is a big deal and want to take great care of you. I haven’t seen a DJ company more reliable than COMPLETE and my team would love to serve you!

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