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A wedding celebration that is void of music is no celebration at all. Of course that is coming from a dude whose first major electronics’ purchase was a high-end stereo system complete with BOSE 301 speakers. OK – I just dated myself ☹   But the truth still holds, music brings emotion and joy to the masses!

A wedding DJ (disc jockey) has the power to make-or-break your wedding event. At COMPLETE weddings + events, we develop, train and continuously improve our team of professional and skillful DJ’s. We realize how important the DJ’s role is at weddings, and strive to develop our team as they serve on the most special of days.

While a love and passion for music is a must of each of our DJ’s, the desire to serve, over communicate and make your day special is just as important to us. We have created a structured training process with multiple checkpoints throughout. Our operations manager is held accountable during the training process as our team gains experience and expertise. Never is a DJ allowed to serve at an event ‘solo’ unless they have proven their readiness under the watchful eye and ear of an experienced and seasoned wedding DJ.

A few years ago we incorporated what we call a ‘DJ Immersion’ into our training process. An immersion requires a DJ-in-training to successfully execute a sample-wedding event to demonstrate their readiness in multiple areas, from sound quality, making announcements, transitioning to signature dances, etc. We strive to touch on all the major performance pieces of a wedding so we can critique and provide feedback in a practice environment.

The DJ Immersion provides our management team a vehicle for constructive feedback and an excellent tool that results in our clients receiving the most professional wedding DJ experience.

Our entire team looks forward to answering your questions and being a resource for you as you plan and prepare for your most special day!

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