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Last fall I spent a few days at the Annual ‘Wedding MBA’ conference in Las Vegas. This is the largest gathering of wedding professionals in the country. I’d heard positive reviews from many of my peers in the events industry here in Central Texas.

It was a packed few days of attending presentations on subjects such as the use of technology, social media, sales, apps, video editing and so on. Think ‘drinking from a fire hose’ and you get the idea.

I was impressed with the breadth of subjects and found the conference highly valuable as an opportunity to network and immerse myself in many areas of the wedding industry.

Upon my return, while processing the fire hose of data and reflecting on what makes COMPLETE weddings + events unique, I was reminded of the culture that we have created that inspires our entire team of event professionals to care for and serve our clients at the 100’s of events annually.

As with any business, we have countless systems and structures that play a huge part in our on-going success, but the foundation of our organization is our customer service philosophy, which we call our “BE AWESOME” philosophy, which consists of four parts: BE THERE – CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE – MAKE THEIR DAY – HAVE FUN.

This philosophy is our commitment to you and the success of your event. Starting with your very first interaction with our sales team, through the planning and detailed coordination with our operations staff and then through your event at the skilled hands and hearts of our experienced event staff, this philosophy ensures we focused on you and your event. Our greatest desire and focus is on serving you!
We look forward to connecting with you and showing you just how the “BE AWESOME” attitude make us stand out as special events entertainment provider.

Call our studio 210.595.9025 or email Steven@CompleteAustin.com to learn more about our Photo, DJ, Video, Photo Booth and Lighting services.


Rustic Wedding Austin
Rustic Wedding Austin
Rustic Wedding Austin
Rustic Wedding Austin

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