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It’s always been our goal to create a culture of service with COMPLETE weddings + events. When you hear anyone of our team members comment ‘We look forward to serving you!’ it’s not off the cuff, we continually convey, train and inspire our staff around exceptional service. You might ask ‘How do you do that?’

From the early days of on-boarding our new team members, through initial training, then continually as we instruct and influence our entire team, we cast vision for our philosophy around customer service. At COMPLETE we call this the BE AWESOME philosophy.

There are four BE AWESOME elements:

Be There : Choose Your Attitude : Make Their Day : Have Fun

  • BE THERE – Be present and pay attention to details during the planning and through the event. Check-in throughout the event.
  • CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE – It is a choice to have a positive attitude. A positive attitude changes every outcome, even the hardest challenges.
  • MAKE THEIR DAY – At every opportunity, show White Glove ‘exemplary’ Service and look for ways to make the event even more special.
  • HAVE FUN – Enjoy your job! Have fun with the client and guests while helping them create and capture memories that will last a lifetime.


We look forward to connecting with you and demonstrating what it looks like for us to BE AWESOME! Set up a consultation with us and allow us to be a resource for your special event!

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