Austin Wedding DJ – Character Traits of a Great Wedding DJ

We have all been to a wedding celebration and have experienced first hand what you DON’T want the DJ to do at your wedding. I’ll be honest; being a guest at a wedding can be a painful experience. To avoid the wedding DJ posers out there, keep in mind the character traits of a great wedding DJ!

An ability to communicate in both written and verbal form is mandatory for a professional wedding DJ who is planning, preparing and executing the desires of the bride and groom on their most special day. At COMPLETE weddings + events, each DJ on our team, is trained in the art of public speaking, using a microphone properly and is coached on clear communication with each of our customers.

At the end of the day your wedding DJ is serving you with their skills. While a professional DJ will provide amazing sounding music per your requests, they should go above and beyond in playing a key role in executing the day you always dreamed of. At Complete, the foundation that everything else is built on is excellent customer service that comes from the heart and is indicated by an amazing attitude. Our customer services philosophy boils down to a phrase ‘BE AWESOME’! That is our commitment to you throughout the process!

A great wedding DJ will have a support structure and access to additional resources, as they plan and prepare for your day. At Complete, our processes, structures, training and staffing has a detailed focus. From online planning tools, to constant communication between couples, to even how our staff is compensated for their early communication with our couples. We leave nothing to chance! We have high expectations for our DJ staff when it comes to details and execution. Our entire team has a deep passion for weddings and the details to come with such a special event.

Lets be honest … weddings are an emotionally charged event. Parents have been preparing their children for this day their entire lives. Brides and grooms have been dreaming about this moment that now is present day. Then you add family to the mix on both sides. All the great ingredients for some fireworks! A great Wedding DJ will be expecting this and have patience in the midst of the storm.

When was the last time your ‘normal / regular’ work day went as planned? NEVER! Unfortunately we live in a broken world
 We make plans, diligent preparations, crossing ‘T’s” and doting “I’s”, yet things happen that are out of our control. A great wedding DJ adapts to an ever-changing wedding environment. Your Complete wedding DJ is well versed in wedding chaos and is committed to working thru the challenges, and in many cases without you even being aware.

We have an amazing team of great wedding DJ’s that embody the above character traits. They are excited to serve you on this most special day!

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