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The wedding industry has exploded in recent years with all kinds of companies that claim to be ‘Wedding Industry Experts’. The options in all categories are endless, which often leads to frustration as you plan and prepare for your most special day. In planning and preparing for our own daughters wedding this last summer, I experienced first hand what that feels like …. not good, and if I wasn’t bald, I would have pulled every hair out of my head   Thankfully that was not an option.

While COMPLETE weddings + events has been serving the Central Texas Region for more than 18 years, we continually strive to keep our costs down, while improving every aspect of our products and services. We place a high value on customer service that has shaped our approach to How? we do what we do, but has the foundation of Why? we are in the business of serving couples on their wedding day in the first place.

Our Why?, our core desire, our focus, comes with a sincere passion to serve in the most caring way on one of the few days that people have memories of for a lifetime. You will find organizations that offer the same services we do : Photography, DJ, Videography, Photo Booth, Lighting – but you would be hard pressed to find a more customer focused, compassionate, resourceful and value centered organization in the multi-service category. As this passion has expressed itself over the years, we have the honor of being blessed with countless stories of how we served, how we dealt with the chaos that comes with an emotionally charged event (a wedding), how we captured special moments by our team of photographers and videographers that will be cherished for generations to come. Our Why? has deep roots in the genuine desire to connect with people in an authentic way. And branches of this desire are woven through our entire team.

It’s only by understanding our Why? that our How? makes any sense. With a desire to connect with people and serve them on this most important day in unique and authentic ways, we have built structures that support our core value. These structures reflect this desire and ground us each and every day. Yes – some of our structures might not make business sense in that our ROI (return on investment) might be lower. Yes – we are a business with bills to be paid, and not a hobby, but its our servant orientation that gets us out of bed each morning.  Here is a link to a TED talk that has inspired our thinking around the Why? question. I hope it encourages you as well.

The #1 favorite role I play at Complete is connecting face-to-face with brides, couples and families as they wade through the sea of options as they prepare for their day. We know that consultations at our studio aren’t always possible, but we strive to connect in the ways that are convenient for couples, which has lead us to conference calls, video calls, and FaceTime, whatever it takes to connect with our customers.

Our entire team looks forward to connecting with you and being a resource as you prepare for this most special day!

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