Austin Wedding DJ’s vs. Bands

Many couples debate hiring a band versus a wedding DJ when deciding on music for their most special day. Others find a compromise; hiring live musicians for the ceremony and / or cocktail hour, then having a DJ take over during dinner with introductions, toasts and formal dances.

A few areas to consider when deciding between a wedding DJ and Band:

DJ’s keep the music going (and the party active) all night without taking breaks.

While live musicians are focused on being entertainers, thus taking the focus off the bride and groom, a COMPLETE weddings + events DJ will maintain a high level of energy and excitement on the dance floor and keep the focus of attention on the couple and their celebration, rather than on the DJ.

Recorded music has a high production quality, with every instrument and vocal balanced in the studio, making it sound great at any volume level. This allows the DJ to adjust levels as necessary throughout the event.

A professional wedding DJ can offer limitless variety and flexibility, from the classics to current trends. Being able to play multiple genres across decades allows a DJ to create a truly tailored play list and keep all your guests excited and enjoying the celebration.

A DJ can play exactly the music you have imagined for your wedding: your favorite songs by your favorite artists that sound exactly as you and your guests expect them to sound. At Complete, we live for those moments when we hit the play button and immediately hear a guest say, “I love this song!”

A reputable DJ company, such as COMPLETE weddings + events, will always have another trained DJ on stand-by to cover an event when necessary. We regularly receive last-minute calls during the wedding season from couples whose bands or single-operator DJs have cancelled.

A band can easily cost thousands of dollars. A professional Complete DJ is available for under $900.

Our event consultants would be excited to answer any questions you have in addition to the above as you plan and prepare for your most special day!

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