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It’s the day you have been preparing for your entire life, and you want to capture the memories as a reminder of your most significant day and to share with your family and friends. Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the first things that couples want to have locked in.

Here are a few questions to keep in mind as you look for a wedding photographer.

• How do I select a professional wedding photographer when there are hundreds listed in my area?
After viewing online portfolios, getting a feel for the style and quality of photos, always ask for an in person consultation to confirm your a good fit on the personality front. When booking Complete for your wedding photography, we will schedule your photographer within a few days of you booking.  See the COMPLETE weddings + events photographer profile page.

• How many edited images do I get?
There is a wide range of how many images a wedding photographer will deliver. At Complete we provide 600 edited images to our couples.

• What kind of editing is included in your packages?
This is an important question that will impact the cost of a photography package significantly. At Complete, color correct and light balance each of the 600 images we deliver. Its one of the many ways we add value while keeping our prices reasonable. The editing we preform ensures your images are ready to be processed. We also include special editing such as black and white and sepia filters, but you will always receive the original images as well.

• How will our photographs be delivered?
Another helpful question as there are photographers that retain the rights to your images, which means you will have to compensate your photographer for every print you would like. Complete provides a full signature release on every photography package. This means you receive the legal rights to every image. We will upload all edited images to an online web gallery, provide a mobile app for you to view your wedding photos on your smartphone and also provide them to you on a keepsake flash drive.

• What is the general price range for wedding photography?
Pricing for wedding photography services vary depending on market, time of service, number of photographers, editing and delivery method. At Complete we strive to offer the very highest quality images, experienced and personable photographers, and quality editing as we capture images of your most special day. See our Photography Packages page for a comprehensive list of what’s included. Our Photography packages range for $1695 – $2595. Meet with one of our event consultants to build a custom package!

• Do I need a second photographer?
As you prepare to capture your most special day, you might be wondering how your photographer captures all the special moments and group shots. An experienced photographer will communicate and plan early to make sure memories are captured. At Complete we utilize on online planning tool that we created to help our couples articulate to our photography team all the most special moments and group shots that they desire. In most cases one photographer is all that it takes to cover the entire celebration, but we can easily add the second photographer.

• How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?
Most couples put a photographer very high on their must have’s for their big day, so early planning and research will go a long way in making sure your photographer is available. We recommend one year prior to your wedding date as an approximate booking date. In reality, we have experienced a wide range in couples booking photography, from as little as a few weeks to almost 2 years.

• What happens if there is an emergency preventing my booked photographer from shooting my wedding?
This is valuable question to consider, as many photographers do not have a formal plan or depth of staff to address and guarantee coverage of your most special day. We are thankful to have a depth of professional photography staff at Complete and a plan for addressing situations like this. We live in a broken world and things that can go wrong … do. We have you covered!

We trust this helps you plan, prepare and address a few questions that you may have been thinking about. It’s your special day and the images that will be captured will be enjoyed for a lifetime. We take pride and special care at COMPLETE weddings + events to provide exceptional wedding photography services at a great value. We look forward to serving you on your most special day.

Contact [email protected] / 512.458.3535 with questions and to set up a consultation!

Happy Planning!!

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