Austin Wedding DJ – Top 5 Questions in Choosing a Professional Wedding DJ?

I am often asked by couples who are investigating hiring a professional DJ ‘Why should I hire COMPLETE weddings + events, and trust you with this important role on our most special day?’

This is an important question to ask when selecting vendors for this most important celebration.  While there are many wedding DJ options, not all are created equal.  A few things for you to consider when you are researching wedding DJ’s.

#1   How long have they been serving at weddings, and will you provide references?   COMPLETE weddings + events has been serving Austin and Central Texas since 1988.  We have the honor of partnering with multiple venues in the area and are involved in multiple special events groups and known for our professionalism and customer service.  References available upon request.

#2   Will the DJ let you customize the music for your event?   As part of the preparation process, we utilize a web tool that we created for our clients the ‘My Event Manager’ that helps you articulate your music desires and details.  Prior to your event, our DJ staff will connect with you, answer any questions and provide suggestions.  This is your day and the focus is on your alone!

#3   What equipment is included in your DJ system?   We utilize professional level audio equipment including: Mackie or JBL 3-way speakers, Ultimate speaker poles, Yamaha mixers, digital media players, ADJ LED dance floor light, digital wireless microphones.  We are committed to the success of your event and have structures in place in the event there is equipment failure. 

#4   Are you familiar with our wedding venue?   In those cases we have not served at your wedding location, we will connect with the venue prior to the event to ensure successful execution. 

#5   Who will be my wedding DJ?   We have a large team of experienced, trained and skillful DJ’s.  We want to know your top DJ choices and will do our very best to schedule one of those.  We schedule our DJ’s 8-weeks prior to event dates.  We do have the option for you to lock in your #1 request at booking for a $100 fee *Based on DJ availability.  Any day we have a DJ event, we have an on-call DJ available in case of any emergency.

It is impossible to over communicate during the planning and preparation process.  We always encourage a face-to-face consultation at our studio as we are a relationship organization and strive for a personal connection with those we have the honor of serving!

Contact Steven@CompleteAustin.com / 512.458.3535 to schedule a consultation.  We look forward to serving you!

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