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When was the last time you gathered 100 + of your closest family and friends for a party or celebration? Chances are your wedding day is your very first, or it has been quite some time since you attempted such a feat!

Our entire team at COMPLETE weddings + events is proud to capture the most special of moments that will be cherished for a lifetime and beyond. And we leave nothing to chance. From our in depth training all the way through the event, we have created tools that ensure our couples are equipped and encouraged to communicate the many details around their special day.

Each of our couples has direct access to their wedding photographer at booking and we encourage a high level of communication. While our online planning tool ‘My Event Manager’ is a great way to make sure we know the finer details, there is no replacement for personal interaction.

As I have indicated, our only daughter was married on July 1st last year. The wedding planning, as the FOB (father-of-the-bride), provided a great opportunity to experience, from a couples perspective, at a ground-floor level, the great joy and challenges around planning a wedding.

With a large family on both sides, there was an extensive list of group photos that we wanted captured. Early and extensive communication was required in order to make sure all was captured. But more than that, we communicated to our COMPLETE weddings + events photographer’s a desire for them to capture the ‘emotion’ of the day. The photo in this post is an example of just that. Yes, I was a hot mess in that final moment of giving the hand of my daughter to another man which is in great contrast to the expression on my daughters face – excitement / anticipation! I am forever thankful to our photographers for capturing this most special moment for my family and I to enjoy for generations.

This desire, to capture the emotion, the most special moments, is foundational to why we are so blessed to serve in the special events industry. We are continually reminding and training our entire team of the great honor we have to serve at weddings and special events.

We would love to connect with you as you plan for your celebration.  Reach out to Steven@CompleteAustin.com to set up a consultation either on the phone or in person at our studio and share with us your vision for your wedding!!

We look forward to capturing your special moments on the most special of days!

Garden Wedding Austin
Garden Wedding Austin

COMPLETE weddings + events

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