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Attending a wedding or special event as a guest is a great time as you celebrate a special occasion. But planning a wedding or special event is a whole different experience. Just ask a bride who is in the midst of planning a wedding and you will get an idea of what I am talking about 🙂

At COMPLETE weddings + events, we understand the importance of great planning and strive to provide a useful online tool ‘My Event Manager’ as you prepare for your event.

While we haven’t figured out how to wave the magic wand that would allow you to accomplish the planning without effort, our ‘My Event Manager’ tool will ask you questions to help you think through your event and assist us as we prepare and execute your special day!

Each of our event services: Photography, DJ, Videography, Photo Booth and Lighting includes a unique planning form which allows you be provide the important details for each of those services.  Our planning tools are great communication tools to ensure we understand your expectations and our team is prepared.

Here are a few examples of questions on our different planning forms:

Photography: specific shot requests, time-line, unique requests

DJ:  online playlist builder, must play songs,  to how you want to be introduced

Videography: who you want us to interview, special moments you want captured,  time-line

Photo Booth: how do you want your customized footer to read, photo booth operational times

Lighting: what color of up light do you request, lighting placement for event

All these details allow us to plan and prepare for your special day well in advance of your event. Our staff has access to all the details in your planner and will confirm everything with you prior to your special day and be your professional resource for suggestions and provide feedback.

Contact us at [email protected] with any questions related to this incredible tool. We look forward to planning an amazing event together!

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