Austin Wedding Photography : Our Philosophy and Values

It’s been fun to witness the great improvements and advancement in photography over the last 10 years. Technology has infiltrated and impacted event photography making it easily accessible and affordable for the masses. But these great improvements brings challenges as you dream of capturing the most special of moments on your wedding day.

While the technology available to photographers allows for some amazing images, give me a highly skilled photographer and old technology any day of the week. In Austin Texas there is no shortage of creative photographers, but how do you ensure they are skilled and experienced, that builds trust in them as they capture your most important day?

Here at COMPLETE weddings + events, we have created a culture that fosters both creative style and customer service. Our photographers not only have a depth of experience in the event industry with portfolios to prove it, our in-house editing team reviews their work as part of our hiring process. Additionally we meet face-to-face with all applicants to ensure they are a good personality fit for us. While it’s a prerequisite to have photography skill, having a love for people and serving is mandatory.

During an interview with one of our incoming photographers in the last few months, I was asking where his desire to shoot weddings comes from. Here is his response ‘Kevin – when I working with brides and their families at weddings, I realize that the images that I am capturing will be part of this families story and legacy. For years to come people will see these images and remember this most important day. It is an honor to be a small part of the story. I take an active role in not only capturing the shot list, but look for those special moments that will be cherished for generations.’

This exemplifies our approach to customer service. At a deep level we are honored to serve and capture memories of this most important day, and we have created processes, structures, tools and training with amazing customer service as a foundation.

Every professional service we provide – Photography, Videography, DJ, Photo Booth and Lighting is based on amazing customer service. We are thankful for our team that understands the importance of their roles and what is entrusted to them.

As you research and investigate wedding photographers in Austin Texas, we look forward to connecting with you and hearing about your story and capturing moments that will last a lifetime!

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